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A truly epoch-making energy-saving product.

Saving energy to protect the earth

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Guiyang Jun Kun Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005, At the beginning of the operation, it has penetrated into industries such as optical glasses and air-conditioning. Development of medium-term agent fixed-frequency and variable-frequency water-cooled air-conditioning energy-saving equipment. Later, we invested more in the field of technology research and development. Develop, produce and sell various types of energy-saving equipment products by ourselves. Based on the technology industry. Recently developed a new generation of energy-saving power amplifier products, In addition to saving energy and energy, it can improve the performance of electrical appliances. At the same time, extend the service life of electrical equipment, The 15 sets of programs set the time switch function, which greatly improved the energy-saving and energy-saving economic benefits, and became a truly epoch-making energy-saving product.

With the rapid development of global industrialization, the greenhouse effect, the shortage of natural energy and other issues continue to expand. Global environmental awareness is on the rise, regardless of whether the government or non-government organizations strongly advocate saving electricity, cherishing energy and protecting the planet. Our company adheres to the concept of green enterprise, and is committed to research and development of energy-saving and energy-saving products technology, aiming at developing more efficient and energy-saving products, and improving the high-tech energy-saving products produced by the company.

The high-tech energy-saving power amplifier equipment developed and produced by the company has stable voltage, reactance filtering function and electromagnetic balance technology in addition to reducing current. In the installation of the company's products, the customer's electricity environment, power spikes and off-peak hours and electricity use methods are evaluated, and an evaluation report is proposed as a reference for customers to improve power efficiency.

In view of the many commercially available brand products, the current will still be consumed when not in use after installation. The company has developed and improved the patented invention device such as a timer. It can set the switching time by itself, avoid unnecessary power consumption, and achieve the purpose of real saving electricity and reducing electricity bill.

The company's R & D and production of improved products, through the fair third-party inspection test and experimental certification, applicable to all parts of the world, all products have been strictly tested for a long time.

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Patent license

Patent Office of the State Intellectual Property Office of the People's Republic of China: 201820369637.1

Republic of China Patent Certificate No. M561956

Vision & mission

In line with the common awareness of global energy conservation and environmental protection, Junyi Technology adheres to the human spirit, green corporate responsibility and mission, advocates green environmental protection concepts, and cherishes the earth's resources. We are determined to grow together with agents and customers. Bringing together top-notch talents, continuing to develop green energy products, fulfilling social responsibilities and continuing to operate. Committed to globalization and international industry, Junyi Technology has become an outstanding global green energy business group.

Our services

In addition to the continuous introduction of research and development of energy-saving technology products, JUNKUN Technology provides enterprise energy-saving planning, filtering energy-saving equipment and system integration services to help create home, commercial space or factory-run high-quality electricity environment.