Feature of Products

Reduce the electrical efficiency by 10% ~ 25% from the date of installation, and immediately.

Control device for improving power efficiency

Control device for improving power efficiency

In the face of rising raw materials, how to save electricity bills and create a safe, safe, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly electricity environment is an important issue that modern people need to think about.


This product uses the principle of filtering and reactance to optimize the power input from the power supply system, filter the harmonics, adjust the power within the practical power range.

Extend the life of electronic devices

Stabilize voltage and current to prevent electronic products such as computers and electronic equipment from being subjected to sudden current surges, effectively preventing surge interference and extending the service life of the equipment.

Extend the life of electrical products

Extend the service life of electrical products in an all-round way. All electrical equipment such as coils, motors, fixed-frequency xenon, refrigerators and TVs can greatly increase the power consumption and extend the life of electrical products.

Reduce wire and line losses

Comprehensively reduce all wire and line losses in the power environment, reduce inefficient power, increase power consumption, and reduce electricity bills.

Built-in 15 sets of program time switch

This product has built-in intelligent 15 groups of programs, which can be used to activate and deactivate any operation. It does not need to be started without using power, saving more electricity.

Really achieve electricity savings

This product can immediately reduce the electrical efficiency by 10% ~ 25% from the date of installation, and immediately.

Fully legal

This product is completely legal and legally constructed. Fully in compliance with national laws and regulations. Special construction, one-time installation inside or outside the electric box, legal and energy-saving, is not a violation of electricity.

Excellent results

It can save 10% ~ 25% of electricity bills every month, and the return on investment is high. Only one-time installation, all electrical facilities in the house are completely energy-saving; different from other commercially available energy-saving products can only be used in a single circuit. To achieve the use of the whole house, it needs to be installed item by item, which is costly.

Totally safety

The patented product has strict structure, the heat dissipation device eliminates the risk of overheating, and has a protection device, which is different from the shortcomings of the commercially available energy-saving products which are easy to overheat and overload.

Product warranty

The electronic component of this product has a low failure rate and easy warranty.